Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap heading to Rock Band next week, Evanescence too

A Spinal Tap four pack and Evanescence three pack will arrive on the Rock Band Music Store next week. Spinal Tap tracks “Back from the Dead,” Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare” and “Warmer Than Hell” are from the band’s new album Back From The Dead and “Saucy Jack,” a song St. Hubbins wrote about the life […]

10 years ago

Spinal Tap headlines

  • Gears 2's Ortega: "Like Spinal Tap, right? Let's go to 11"

    If there’s one quote that should give you an idea of what to expect to Gears of War 2, it’s probably this. The game’s writer, Josh Ortega doesn’t want top marks. He’s going over the edge, baby. “The first one was good and if we can find a way to do ten times better, than […]

    11 years ago