Creative Assembly’s new IP could be more Overwatch than Alien

A little late for the hero shooter train, aren’t you?

Speculation headlines

  • 2K has a new game from a 'major franchise' on the way, so cue Borderlands speculation

    The latest financial earnings report from 2K alludes to a ‘highly anticipated new title’ that could very well be a new Borderlands game.

  • Rumour: E3 unveiling of HD update for "major PS franchise"

    PSM3 magazine has teased that another beloved series from yester-year is to receive shiny new HD game collection. Is Snake about to sneak into HD?

  • Large-screen DSi talk is "speculative," says Nintendo

    Nintendo’s double-whammied talk of a large-screen DSi, with the company’s Japanese arm branding the original Nikkei article “speculative”. “Our company isn’t doing any interviews [about this],” a rep told Famitsu. “We think it’s a speculative article.” Nintendo US has already called the piece “rumor”. Confirmed. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Nintendo: DSi July date is "rumour and speculation"

    Rather obviously, Nintendo’s branded talk of DSi launching in July this year as “rumour and speculation” in an email to VG247. GamePlayer kicked things off this morning by posting the date, apparently taken from an anonymous Australian retailer. If the machine were to ship in July in Australia, it would be reasonable to assume Europe […]

  • "No plans" for March PS3 price cut, says SCEA

    Sony has officially taken the PR laser to yet another rumorous growth on its back – this time, a potential PS3 price cut. In short, no price slashing in March 2009. None. Definitely not. “There are no plans for a price reduction on PS3 in March 09, and anything reported on or discussed otherwise is […]