Space Harrier

Nintendo weekly releases – Mario Clock and Calculator, Samurai Toasters

Nintendo has sent over a list of its downloads for the week, and it includes a butt-kicking toaster and Mario being obsessed with numbers.WiiWare gets three games this week and Virtual Console gets Space Harrier.  DSiWare gets apps in the form of Mario  Clock and Mario Calculator.Here’s the list: Eduardo the Samurai Toaster – WiiWare […]

11 years ago

Space Harrier headlines

  • Space Harrier for Wii VC Arcade this week

    Space Harrier will launch on Wii’s Virtual Console this week, which is likely to be a sword with two edges.Edge one is a place where Space Harrier’s an amazing retro shooter, a pinnacle, a pioneer.Edge two is the “this is actually a big shit” realm.We have no idea which edge we’re looking at. It’ll cost […]

    11 years ago