Space Engineers

Space Engineers gets planets in new update

Space Engineers has received its biggest update yet, allowing for planetary landing.

4 years ago

Space Engineers headlines

  • Space Engineers has also sold 1 million copies

    It seems to be the day for indie games to hit significant milestones.

    5 years ago
  • Space Engineers free on Steam this weekend

    Space makes everything better. Engineering degree? A solid career choice. Space engineering degree? The stuff of legends.

    5 years ago
  • Space Engineers has sold 500,000 copies through Steam Early Access

    Space Engineers, which tasks players with building space crafts and other orbital structures, has sold 500,000 copies through Steam Early Access since October 2013. The Keen Software title remains in development, and multiplayer and survival modes were recently added. You can grab the Alpha on Steam for £11.99/$19.99.

    6 years ago
  • Space Engineers touches down on Steam Early Access

    Space Engineers is almost like our penance. We’ve spent our gaming careers blowing up spaceships and aliens and asteroids. It’s about time we gave something back. Space Engineers allows you to do just that, as it focuses on the building of space craft and other orbital structures. The alpha just launched on Steam Early Access […]

    6 years ago