Space Combat

Bungie considered Halo: Reach space combat MP mode

Halo: Reach creative director Marcus Lehto has said a multiplayer mode for space combat was considered.

9 years ago

Space Combat headlines

  • SWTOR space combat akin to "tunnel shooters"

    BioWare has told PC Gamer the space battles in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be more of a “tunnel shooter” instead of free-form flying like in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.

    10 years ago
  • Co-op in Halo: Reach has scalable difficulty

    Bungie has said co-op difficulty in Halo: Reach will be scaleable.

    10 years ago
  • BioWare: Space combat planned for Mass Effect trilogy

    Mass Effect 2 project director Casey Hudson has told GTTV that a third Mass Effect game is likely to include space combat. “There is no actual space combat in Mass Effect 2, but thats something that we wanna have as part of the trilogy at some point,” he said. He also gave the first solid […]

    11 years ago