South Park: The Game

South Park creators independentally contracted Obsidian

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone chose Obsidian to develop their RPG one year before THQ picked it up for publication.

South Park: The Game headlines

  • Rumour - Obsidian hit with lay-offs, "North Carolina" shelved

    Obsidian is reportedly being hit with a round of lay-offs due to the cancellation of a “future next-gen project” and more lay-offs on the “existing South Park team” according to Joystiq.

  • More South Park: The Game screens and art pop up online

    Art and screenshots from Obsidian’s RPG, South Park: The Game, popped up on Ausgamers over the holiday break. Granted, some of these shots can be found over on Game Informer’s site, where it had exclusive month-long coverage of the game in December, so you may have seen some already. That being said, there isn’t such […]

  • South Park combat will consist of "kids being little bastards"

    When Obsidian showed South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker an early build of combat in the new RPG based on the series, the show’s creators told the firm it wanted the kids to not only cry more, but bleed more as well.

  • Obsidian approached by South Park Studios directly for game

    Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart has said the call to do South Park: The Game came directly from the licensor itself, South Park Studios, rather than publisher THQ.

  • South Park: The Game details escape from Game Informer

    A NeoGAF user has received the January issue of Game Informer and has seen fit to post information regarding South Park: The Game in the works at Obsidian and to be published by THQ. You can assume that going below the break may contain a few spoilers, so don’t look below if you want to […]

  • South Park: The Game RPG announced, is next GI cover

    Game Informer has announced its January cover will be devoted to Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park: The Game, which is being developed in collaboration with THQ and Obsidian. The game is a “full-scale RPG” where players step into the shoes of the new kid in South Park who must make new friends and […]