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Report – South Korea to block 3 hour+ online time for minors

The South Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is currently look at an act that would ban online accounts of minors that spend two hours consecutively or three or more hours in a day on online games, according to Gamasutra. The new policy follows the introduction of a similar bill two years ago in […]

South Korea headlines

  • South Korea's Pres: Why can't our companies develop products like Nintendo?

    South Korea’s president, Lee Myung-bak, posed a question during his visit to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy this week asking why the nation cannot build a  videogame hardware system to compete with the likes of Nintendo. “A lot of our elementary school children have Nintendo game machines. Why can’t our companies develop products like that?” […]

  • Pre-May 5 launch probable for Korean Wii

    According to this, Nintendo Korea is likely to launch Wii in South Korea before the country’s Children’s Day, which falls on May 5. As the article points out, piracy’s a massive problem in Korea, an issue Wii is unlikely to be able to shrug off. “Even before its official release, many game shops in major […]