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Midnight Club: LA South Central DLC delayed for 360

Rockstar announced last night that the 360 version of its Midnight Club South Central DLC has been delayed. Apparently the add-on has been pushed back “slightly” due to “an unforeseen bug in the title update”. The PSN version went up yesterday as planned. Thanks, Kotaku.

11 years ago

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  • Midnight Club South Central DLC gets trailered

    Those of you looking forward to bouncing your Impala through Compton thanks to Midnight Club’s South Central DLC would do well to watch the trailer after the break. It’s out on March 12, and looks about as LA and LA can look without being in LA. For the streets, etc.

    11 years ago
  • South Central DLC confirmed for Midnight Club: LA

    Rockstar’s announced a South Central upgrade map for Midnight Club: LA, adding an extra third to the game’s area for free. The DLC will be available for both 360 and PS3 versions early next year. A “South Central Content Pack” will also be released as a buying option, which includes new character competitions, races, cars […]

    11 years ago