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  • Soul Sacrifice free DLC hits Japan next week

    Soul Sacrifice is out in Japan, and on May 2, free DLC containing two new enemies will arrive on the Japanese PS Store. The enemies are Ghost and Ouroboros, and players can use new forbidden art into an Angel in order to defeat them. It will cost them their bones though, apparently. They will also […]

  • Soul Sacrifice 2: Inafune in active talks with Sony over PS Vita sequel

    Soul Sacrifice isn’t even out here yet, but Comcept’s Keiji Inafune is already talking with Sony about a sequel to his PS Vita action-RPG romp.

  • Soul Sacrifice pre-order trailer shows all sorts of goodies

    A pre-order trailer has been released for Soul Sacrifice. Rather than just hand you a list, Sony thought it would be find to show you instead. Have a look below. The Vita title lands in the US on April 30 and in Europe on May 1.

  • Soul Sacrifice screenshots get you prepped for today's beefy demo

    The demo for Soul Sacrifice lands on the European end of the PS Store today, once the update goes live. To keep you sated until then, have a look at some screenshots below. You can find out all about the demo, and how your time with it transfers over to the full game through a […]

  • Soul Sacrifice demo saves transfer to full game

    The demo for Soul Sacrifice lands on the North American PS Store today, and tomorrow in Europe. Those who try the game out on their Vita will be able to save the data over to the full game when it releases. The demo includes the entire first chapter and is playable with up to three […]

  • Soul Sacrifice demo lands on PSN next week

    A demo for Soul Sacrifice will land on PSN next week, it was announced on the PS Blog. You can pick it up off the store on April 16 in North America and on April 17 in Europe. You start off in the demo as a slave who is owned by a ruthless mage, and […]

  • Soul Sacrifice sells through 76% of first production run

    A small addendum to this week’s Media Create Japanese retail charts. In addition to shifting 114,446 units and debuting in second position on the charts, Soul Sacrifice sold through 76% of its initial stock during its first week on sale, according to Siliconera. It sounds like Sony may have a bigger than expected hit on […]

  • Project Diva F, Soul Sacrifice and Vita dominate Media Create charts

    Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F and Soul Sacrifice took the top spots in the Media Create charts for the period of March 4-10, with the former moving 110,229 units on PS3 and Comcept’s debut moving 92,396 units on Vita. The handheld also took the top spot on the hardware charts, thanks to last month’s price […]

  • Soul Sacrifice's first DLC contains two bosses, Goliath map, more

    The first screenshots and information pertaining to planned DLC for Soul Sacrifice have been released. According to Game Watch Impress, the free DLC is slated for April and contains the bosses “Behemoth” and “Deyurahan”, a Berserk mode, and the “Goliath” map which can be played in co-op through ad hoc. If you click through the […]

  • Soul Sacrifice: exclusive, reversible EU box-art revealed

    Soul Sacrifice is getting exclusive, reversible box art in Europe, courtesy of Sony Japan.

  • Soul Sacrifice review scores big in Famitsu, info blast inside

    Soul Sacrifice has received its first review, courtesy of Japanese gaming rag Famitsu. It’s a high-scoring review full of information, so we’ve dissected it all.

  • PS Vita: Japan show-reel highlights Soul Sacrifice & Phantasy Star Online 2

    PS Vita has received a new release show-reel under Sony Japan’s ‘Play Movies’ banner. The clip shows off new gameplay from Phantasy Star Online 2 and Soul Sacrifice.

  • Soul Sacrifice to get free DLC bosses & paid episodes after launch

    Soul Sacrifice will be getting a lot post-launch DLC, Sony has confirmed. How does over ten free DLC boss battles sound?

  • Soul Sacrifice TV spots and new gameplay trailer released

    Soul Sacrifice is coming this spring, and Sony Japan has started pushing the Comcept actioner with TV spots and a video showing various people bashing monsters. All three are below. Soul Sacrifice will release in Europe on May 1 and in North America on April 30. Thanks, AGB.

  • Soul Sacrifice: new trailer shows off a ton of combat

    Soul Sacrifice received a new trailer during Sony’s PS Vita web-stream this morning. The Keiji Inafune and Sony Japan Studio joint features many gruesome beasts just waiting to batter you silly, and the clip shows off plenty of them.

  • PS Vita price-cut announced for Japan

    Sony has announced via live stream that both the 3G and Wi-Fi models of PS Vita will receive a price-drop in February.

  • Soul Sacrifice's colossal boss battle music is rather awesome

    Another video featuring the music of Soul Sacrifice, in the works at Skywalker Sound and being Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama, has been released. The video introduces a composition created by Hokoyama, which will play when you battle bosses. If you head over to the PS Blog, you can find out what happens when you […]

  • Soul Sacrifice's Battle Theme music sounds as epic as you'd expect

    Soul Sacrifice’s soundtrack is in the works at Skywalker Sound recording studios and is being composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama. Sony has provided a video which introduces part of the game’s score, the Battle Theme. Check it out below. Soul Sacrifice will release in Europe on May 1 and in North America on April 30.

  • Soul Sacrifice launches in the US in April, May in Europe

    Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita launches in stores and via PSN across Europe in May and in the US in April, it’s been announced. There’s also a bonus available for those who pre-order the Keiji Inafune-designed title.

  • Soul Sacrifice's Leviathan monster, Ghost Mode detailed

    Soul Sacrifice’s enemies are all that remains of humans who used magic to further their own goals, but as the trade off is turning into a badass giant snake thing I’m not sure what the downside is here.

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