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MLG Summer Fight Arena kicks off this Friday

Major League Gaming has announced its Summer Fight Arena, which will see top players brawling it out in Soul Calibur 5 and Mortal Kombat for glory.

Soul Calibur V headlines

  • Namco Bandai Q1: Soul Calibur V sales hit 1 million, profits ups

    Namco Bandai bucked the trend to release promising results for the first quarter of the financial year.

  • EVO 2012: grand finals video round-up

    With the final knock-out blow landed, Evo 2012 has concluded. Check out a plethora of grand finals videos, from new addition King of Fighters XIII through to established brawler Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and everything in between.

  • EVO 2012: SSFIVAE goes to Infiltration, UMvC3 to Filipino Champ

    With the conclusion of the Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition finals awarding a win to repeat champion XXX, EVO 2012 has come to a close.

  • MLG Spring Championship - League of Legends, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty matches streamed live

    The MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim, CA kicked off yesterday, marking the beginning of the KeSPA and MLG multi-year, exclusive StarCraft partnership.

  • MLG - Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V competitions air April 28

    Major League Gaming has announced Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V players will be competing live on April 28 in the Fighting Game Arena, during which 16 players will vie for a position in the top eight and $3,400 in prizes. The competition will be broadcast live online from 2.00-9.45pm EDT through the MLG website. […]

  • Soul Calibur V Impact Finals livestreamed at 4:00AM GMT

    A must see for any aspiring tournmanet fighter, the SoulCalbur V Impact Finals kick off in a few hours and can be viewed from the comfort of your web browser.

  • Soul Calibur V story modes just one quarter of intended content

    Project Soul’s lofty plans for Soul Calibur V were cut down considerably during development.

  • Soul Calibur 5 patch has 240 updates, DLC includes Pac-Man

    Namco Bandai has packed a huge amount of updates into an upcoming Soul Calibur 5 patch, and will soon offer even sillier customisation options.

  • Soul Calibur V gets online-focussed update on March 21

    Namco Bandai’s announced it’ll release an update for Soul Calibur V on March 21 that’ll contain a new game search optimisation for online gameplay among other things. Also included in the update is gameplay tweaks and character balancing based on community feedback.

  • PSA: Soul Calibur Impact this weekend

    Namco’s sent out a reminder that Soul Calibur Impact is happening in London this weekend. Taking place on Saturday, it’ll feature the UK national tournament to kick things off, where the winner will rep the UK in the European and Australasian tournament afterwards. The winner of that will gain entry into the World Finals, £1,000, […]

  • Soul Calibur Impact happening on March 17

    Namco Bandai’s announced London-based event Soul Calibur V Impact will take place on March 17 from 12pm-11pm in the night at St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hill, Pond St. The event, which will celebrate the fighter’s recent launch, will consist of the tournament finale of the UK and European Soul Calibur V championships that are currently ongoing, […]

  • RE: Revelations bests Soul Calibur V debut on Japanese charts

    Resident Evil: Revelations topped Media Create’s software charts this week, after debuting in second place to Armored Core V last week. On the hardware side of things, Vita’s rebound the week prior was short-lived, as sales of the handheld fell 1,801 units week-over-week.

  • Quick Shots: Launch screens released for Soul Calibur V

    Namco has sent out a sizeable batch of launch day screens for Soul Calibur V, and while hardly any contain up-skirt shots, there’s still plenty of pixelated flesh for you to ogle. DLC for the game will be dropping soon, and you can have a look at the content through a batch of screens here. […]

  • Out now: FFXIII-2, Soul Calibur V first big drops of 2012

    The bang you just heard? That’s the starting gun to the 2012 release calendar going off, with Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Soul Calibur out today.

  • SoulCalibur V launch: Namco on the genre fighting back

    Ahead of tomorrow’s launch of SoulCalibur V, Namco Bandai has said the resurgence of the fighting genre spurred by the return of Street Fighter will continue to improve over a “period of time.”

  • Soul Calibur V launches in US, reviews go score mental

    Namco Bandai’s lifted the reviews embargo for Soul Calibur V, with scores so far being alright to good for the fighter. Get a full list of links below the break. If you have a score to add, do so below. SCV launches in the US today and releases on Friday for PS3 and 360.

  • Namco Bandai turns part of Shoreditch into Soul Calibur V country

    Namco’s released a video this morning of several grafitti artists giving part of Shortditch a Soul Calibur V-themed makeover, marking its release this week with a new grafitti mural. Watch some of East London get spray-canned after the break. The fighter’s out tomorrow in the US and Friday in the UK and Europe for PS3 […]

  • Soul Calibur V trailer hypes for launch tomorrow

    Although it quickly switches to highly dramatic in-game assets, this new Soul Calibur V trailer begins with a bit of cosplay.

  • Quick Shots: Soul Calibur V DLC screens play dress up

    Namco has released a set of screenshots showing off the DLC slated for Soul Calibur V. The content will include wings, face paint, music from Soul Blade and Soul Calibur, animal heads, breastplates, kimonos, and bikinis. A second set is coming on Valentine’s Day, which will include music from SCII and SCIII, and a third […]

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