Sorcery! Part Two arrives on iOS in November

The second installment to Sorcery!, the collaborative title from Fighting Fantasy co-creator Steve Jackson and text adventure company Inkle, is coming very soon to the App Store. Part 2, also known as Khare: Cityport of Traps, will double the narrative content of the first game, introduce complex story branches, new enemy types, and general improvements […]

Sorcery headlines

  • Sorcery out today in the US

    Those in the US can run down to their local shop today and pick up a copy of the Workshop’s Move-game, Sorcery. Alternatively, you can also down load it on PSN, but check and make sure its up before getting your hopes up – Sony may wait on releasing it digitally with the regularly scheduled […]

  • Sorcery's launch trailer explores a magical land

    Sony has released the launch trailer for Sorcery, with a peek at Finn’s magical powers as well as a bit about the storyline. The game requires a PS Move controller, and is due for release on May 22 in the US, and May 23 in the UK. Get the trailer below the break.

  • Sony launches PSN pre-loading scheme

    You’ll soon be able to download and install select PSN games ahead of release, so you can sit staring at them while waiting for the release date – just like your PC brethren. Gamasutra reports the first game to allow pre-loading will be Sorcery, which officially launches next week. Detractors frequently complain about download speeds […]

  • Final "Making of Sorcery" video focuses on the game's creatures

    Sony has released a the final making-of video for Sorcery, in which the development team details the creatures you’ll be up against in the game. Hit the break for a watch. Sorcery lands next week on PS3.

  • Sorcery - third developer video focuses on music and sound design

    Sony has released another making-of video for Sorcery, this time focusing on the Move-centric title’s music and sound design. It’s below. In case you missed the first two, they’re posted here and here. Sorcery lands on PS3 May 22 in US, and May 23 in Europe.

  • Sorcery - second developer video focuses on story

    Sony has posted the second video in its four-part developer series for Sorcery. While the first video in the series focused on technology, this one is all about the game’s story. Get it below. Sorcery lands on PS3 May 22 in US, and May 23 in Europe.

  • Sorcery gets first dev diary focussing on technology

    The EU PS Blog has posted the first video in a four-part series for Sorcery. The Sony Santa Monica magic Move game, announced at E3 2010, take a look at the technology that drives the game. Get it below the break. Sorcery launches on May 23 for PS3.

  • Catch up on Sorcery's story, have a look at the boxart

    Sony has released a new video for Sorcery. It’w below, and if you head through the link to the PS Blog, you’ll be be privy to the boxart. Game’s out May 22.

  • New Sorcery trailer explores its story

    Sony has released a new trailer for their upcoming Move exclusive title Sorcery which showcases the story of the game, as the hero’s master narrates how Finn got into trouble by following his pet cat’s advice to enter the “Land of the Restless Dead”. The trailer’s very colorful and features some gameplay from the title. […]

  • Quick shots - Sorcery screens are full of magic, a cat

    Some new screenshots for The Workshop’s PS Move title Sorcery have magically appeared, courtesy of AGB. Get acquainted with the pretty pictures below. Sorcery will hit stores in North America on May 22 and in Europe on May 23.

  • Sorcery: Sony's "mandate" was "to make an iconic game" for Move, says The Workshop

    During a Move-centric GDC panel, president and co-founder of The Workshop, Peter Akemann, noted the team’s Sorcery title had been in development for three years and due to the reception it received at E3 2010, Sony “doubled down” on the game which led to a change in nature and direction thus becoming a ‘killer app’ […]

  • Sorcery to release this May for PlayStation Move

    Sony has announced the fantasy spell-casting game Sorcery, will be available in stores in North America on May 22 and in Europe on May 23.

  • SCE Santa Monica: Sorcery not possible on Kinect or Wii

    Upcoming PS Move adventure Sorcery is too hardcore and precise for rival motion control systems, Sony reckons.

  • PS Move title Sorcery reappears with new graphical style

    First announced at E3 2010, Sony’s Sorcery has reappeared. Now, it’s sporting an all-new look with the same focus on casting spells with a magic wand/Move controller. Screens and video are included after the break.

  • Long lost PS Move title Sorcery goes hands-on in December

    Sony has confirmed once more that Sorcery continues to be a real thing, and moreover, it may be close to finished at last.

  • Sorcery still in development, says Sony

    A senior Sony UK spokesperson has said that PS3 title Sorcery is still in development. The rep told DealSpawn: “Yes, Sorcery is still in development.” The Move title, which was announced at E3 and is based off Irish mythology, has been quiet since it was shown to press in Cologne last year at gamescom.

  • Sorcery video shows how to conjure and command powerful magic

    Sony has released a trailer for its PlayStation Move title Sorcery, and we have it for you below the break.

  • Sony confirms August 17 date for gamescom presser

    SCEE’s just confirmed it’s holding its gamescom press conference on Tuesday, August 17 in Cologne.

  • Sorcery demoed using PlayStation Move

    Sony has demoed its PlayStation Move title named Sorcery, and it looks like a highly polished game and seems to work extremely well.