Sony Q2 Financials 09

Q2 PS3 and PSP software up, PS2 in inverted 15-G powerdive

Both PS3 and PSP software sales showed growth for the second quarter, Sony said today. PS3 moved 23.9 million games in the period ending September 30 compared to 21.2 million a year previous. PSP software was up to 12.9 million from 11.8 million a year ago. PS2 game sales, however, properly cratered, down from 23.2 […]

10 years ago

Sony Q2 Financials 09 headlines

  • Q2 PS3 hardware sales well up, PSP static, PS2 in flat-spin out to sea

    Sony’s shown PS3 hardware sales of 3.2 million for the second quarter – ending September 30 – compared to 2.4 million in the same period last year. PSP sales, however, were down to 3 million from 3.2 million in Q2 2008. PS2 really took one for the team: sales were down to 1.9 million compared […]

    10 years ago
  • PlayStation division sales down, losses deepen [Updates]

    The Sony division responsible for PlayStation and Vaio products – the Networked Products & Services Division – has shown a 24.2 percent drop in sales compared to Q2 2008, down from 465.2 billion yen to 352.6 billion yen. Losses widened from 40.6 billion yen to 58.8 billion yen for the preiod. First half sales for […]

    10 years ago
  • YoY PS3 sales nearly double in Q2, software rockets

    Sony’s announced second quarter financials, showing PS3 sales up to 2.43 million consoles for the period, up from 1.31 million in Q2 2007. PSP sales have also risen, up to 3.18 million from 2.58 million. PS2’s fortunes are continuing to slide, however, down from 3.28 million in last year’s second quarter to 2.50 million this […]

    11 years ago