Sony E3 Press Conference 2009

E3 2009 – Who “won” the press conferences?

And that’s that. One of the greatest E3s for years is done. There were megatons. People are still hiding under their kitchen tables. The conferences were nothing if not sensational. Our goosebumps refuse to settle. But let’s not be rational. Let’s mark the platform holders’ performances out of ten. Let’s say who “won”. Why not? […]

Sony E3 Press Conference 2009 headlines

  • E3 2009 - Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's conferences rounded-up

    If we keep crunching all this down it’ll disappear eventually. Get all the news from E3 platform-holder conference from the links below. E3 2009 Microsoft press conference E3 2009 Nintendo press conference E3 2009 Sony press conference

  • Sony reveals raft of PSN video content partners

    In between the PSP Go announcement in the and motion-control demos at its E3 press conference yesterday, Sony also revealed new content for the PSN video service. See a grab of all the companies sticking their oar in Engadget. Users are to have the ability to download video directly to PSP, no PS3 or PC […]

  • Sony E3 2009 press conference - everything on one place

    Good grief. They didn’t take Microsoft lying down, did they? All the news from Sony’s E3 press conference is listed below. Just for ease. The full liveblog transcript God of War III releasing March 2010 Gran Turismo 5 previewed at Sony press event TRICO’s new game is Last Guardian Sony talks about its new motion […]

  • Sony shows motion control tech, aiming for spring 2010 launch

    New motion control tech from Sony was talked about in the company’s E3 press conference today. Been working on it for a few years, apparently. As you’d hope. The prototype of the new controller showed a glowing sphere on the end of the stick. PS Eye tracks it. The demonstration showed 1-to-1 motion control. On […]

  • Square announces FFXIV as PS3-exclusive MMO for 2010

    Sony announced Final Fantasy XIV as a PlayStation 3 exclusive today. The MMO will ship next year. A trailer showed an open area, boats. Dragon blowing fire on stuff. Airships. A dark haired knight of some sort. We are speechless.

  • Sony announces Rockstar's Agent, a new PS3-exclusive IP

    Jack Tretton has just announced at E3 that a brand new Rockstar IP called Agent is heading exclusively to PS3. The game takes players across world of late 70’s and Sony wants the game to become another GTA in terms of importance.

  • PSP Go! to cost $249 and €249 on October 1

    Sony has announced that the new PSP Go! will cost $249 and €249 at US and European retail respectively. It’s to release on October 1.

  • E3 2009 - Sony press conference liveblog!

    It’s so on. Microsoft delivered a blistering E3 keynote in LA yesterday, leaving many shellshocked at the depth and quantity of its announcements and Sony with everything to do in its conference today. PSP Go’s a cert, as are God of War III, Heavy Rain and the like, but what else? We could tell you […]

  • Nintendo and Sony E3 press conferences today - all timings and details

    Microsoft kicked E3 off to one hell of a start yesterday, with wall-to-wall game announcements, a ton of exclusivity deals and reveals, and a full showing of the forever-rumoured motion camera, Project Natal. Both Nintendo and Sony get their shot at the LA headlines today. Nintendo’s conference begins at 9.00am PST/5.00pm BST/6.00pm CET today. Sony’s […]

  • Sony at E3 - JAW timer points to E3 presser

    Just Add Water’s posted a timer on its site which appears to count down to Sony’s E3 press conference on June 2. JAW’s working on something called “Project V” at the moment, a “retro shooter,” so we were told at GDC. For the win. More soon.