Sony E3 Pc 2008

Tretton would have liked backwards compatibility in PS3

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton said in a roundtable with journalists at E3 today that he would have liked to have had backwards compatibility in PlayStation 3, but the company has made its decision and is sticking with it. He explained that Sony did “not take a greater hit on production cost without losing PlayStation’s heritage” […]

Sony E3 Pc 2008 headlines

  • MAG: Aim was to make game achieveable on no other platform, says Zipper

    Speaking to Gamespot after the Sony E3 press conference last night, Zipper Interactive lead designer Andy Beaudoin said that the aim of the newly-announced Massive Action Game was the create something that couldn’t be achieved on any other hardware. “Obviously, with PlayStation 3 we’ve got a lot more power we can tap into to try […]

  • Five more Resistance 2 screenshots released

    They can be found over at PS3F. Looking very nice indeed too. There’s also some concept art there so you can compare the screenshots with the artwork and marvel at what a fantastic developer Insomniac is. Or something. Through the link, anyway. By Mike Bowden

  • Patapon 2 gets first trailer

    After the break. It’s a snip taken from the Sony press briefing last night from the look of it. Have a nose.

  • First Stardust PSP screens released

    CVG has them. It looks like Super Stardust to us, just minus the ‘HD’. Go look. By Mike Bowden

  • 130 PlayStation 2 titles due this year

    Sony has said that over 130 PlayStation 2 titles are to be released this year, which means that by the end of 2008 there will be over 10,000 games for Sony’s eight year-old system. “The biggest brands in the industry are still delivering games on PS2,” said big Jack Tretton, SCEA CEO at yesterday’s E3 […]

  • DC Universe Online Sony conference trailer released

    After the break. The MMO was shown running on PS3 for the first time in the Sony conference last night, and it’s all looking very promising. See for yourself.

  • Two new Flower trailers

    Two new video have emerged showing new footage of That Game Company’s latest title, Flower. They look all floaty and motion-controlly to us. Check them out after the drop. By Mike Bowden

  • 1UP takes first look at Bayonetta

    1UP has taken a long hard look at Platinum Games’ new hack ‘n’ slash title for PS3 and Xbox 360, Bayonetta. “When there’s not much happening on the screen, the game feels somewhat like Ninja Gaiden, with certain enemies showing a similar visual style to the monsters from Tecmo’s game and one environment that looks […]

  • New Motorstorm: Pacific Rift trailer and screenshots

    See them over at Shacknews. It’s looking very fast, and very furious. Too fast and too furious, perhaps? Check them out. By Mike Bowden

  • PlayStation Video Store now Live in US

    We told you the PlayStation Video Store was going live last night, and PS3F has confirmed it. You can download a SD film in one-to-two hours, Eric Lempel said yesterday. If that feels like too long to wait, you can actually begin watching the film before it’s downloaded, which is nice. No word of a […]

  • Everything you missed from the Nintendo and Sony E3 press conferences last night

    Nintendo and Sony both put on there E3 press conferences last night, and while the fireworks we saw at the Microsoft event on Monday were lacking, there was still plenty of news for you not to miss. Some of you have lives, and we understand that, and therefore don’t want to spend your spare time […]

  • Four new E3 LittleBigPlanet videos published

    At IGN. However, if you’d rather stay here and watch them, hit the jump as we’ve embedded them all for your pleasure. See Sackboy help Sony CEO Jack Tretton display just how awesome PlayStation sales figures can look. Out October, by the way. By Mike Bowden

  • Five new PlayStation Home screenshots released

    IGN has them. See people milling about chatting to each other in areas like an arcade or a swanky bar for hip people. Through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • Ratchet & Clank: Future Quest for Booty, IGN hands-on

    IGN has yet again got what we’re pretty sure is the first hands-on with a newly-announced game at this year’s E3, and this time it’s Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank: Future Quest for Booty. “The title felt a lot like R&C Future [Tools of Destruction] — and that’s a good thing,” says the piece. “It’s running […]

  • God of War III teaser trailer posted

    After the break. You don’t see much, but then again if you did, it wouldn’t be a “teaser” now would it? It’s all about “chaos,” apparently. See for yourselves. By Mike Bowden

  • Killzone 2 - hands-on video

    There’s a video after the link of G4’s hands-on with Killzone 2. This and Resistance 2 are looking good, no doubt, so PS3 shooter fans have lots to look forward to here. See rfor yourself.

  • Sony announces LEGO Batman PS2 bundle

    Again, this slipped through the net during the conference fury. SCEA announced a new PS2 bundle last night, including the machine with LEGO Batman for $150. It’s out this year, and also features Justice League: The New Frontier on DVD. Brilliant.

  • inFAMOUS shots and trailer back up our "good" conference verdict

    Remember us telling you Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS looked “good” during the Sony press conference last night? Turns out we were actually right. There’s a set of screens on PS3F and a movie after the link that show we weren’t quite hallucinating at that point. Phew. Game’s out early next year.

  • Rumour: Killzone 2 to copy Halo movie features

    This Gameplayer article‘s rumouring that Killzone 2 will feature similar video-sharing features to those found in Halo 3. No confirmation, but this would be about as shocking as the sun coming up in the morning. More soon.

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