Sony Cambridge

More concept art for cancelled Sony Cambridge PS3 projects appear

Sony Cambridge art director Jason Wilson recently lifted the lid on cancelled Sony Cambridge title Zodiac Assassin, and has now revealed art for three more ditched PS3 games, Simian, Revolution 4 and Manhattan.

8 years ago

Sony Cambridge headlines

  • Sony closes Little Deviants studio, Cambridge division downsized

    Sony has shuttered Little Deviant studio Bigbig, and has downsized its Cambridge division with remaining employees assigned to Guerilla Games to build Killzone titles for Vita.

    9 years ago
  • Ninja Theory: "We get along just fine with Sony"

    Ninja Theory founder Nina Kristensen has told CVG that talk of bitterness between the developer and Sony isn’t true. Never saw that coming.“We get along just fine with Sony,” she said.The statement comes after a rumour yesterday that Heavenly Sword 2 – which has never been developed by Ninja Thoery – had been axed by […]

    12 years ago
  • Rumour: Heavenly Sword 2 canned

    According to this Kotaku rumour, Heavenly Sword 2’s been canned after an emergency meeting at Sony Cambridge.More through the link, including stuff about Ninja Theory and “bitterness”.

    12 years ago