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Wii U’s Miiverse will lack social network connectivity

Looking forward to being able to update your Facebook status or Tweet your in-game activity from within Nintendo’s Miiverse community? Well, too bad; connectivity between the Miiverse and other social networks has been ruled out by Nintendo.

9 years ago

Social Network headlines

  • GameFly launches "social network" for gamers on Android

    The company is looking to unite gamers across the Android platform through its already-popular rental app.

    9 years ago
  • Atlus to launch Atlus Online social gaming network

    Atlus USA is to launch a new community-driven game portal for fans of its online games and anime.Aptly titled Atlus Online, the folks behind it have promised a “content-rich, reward-driven platform for social interaction,” and are encouraging everyone interested to pre-register here.Once live, members will be able to help shape the evolution of the portal […]

    12 years ago