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  • Gears of War 2 lead jumps to Warner

    Laura Fryer‭, Gears of War 2’s executive producer, has jumped ship to Warner Bros. She will now head up FEAR‭ ‬2‭’‬s Monolith Productions, as well as Snowblind Studios, as the general manager of Warner’s Seattle operation. “‬Laura’s extensive career demonstrates her great understanding of the process and her ability to innovatively grow our development studios,‭” […]

  • Warner Bros. acquires Snowblind Studios

    Snowblind Studios, creator of titles like Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Champions of Norrath, and Justice League Heroes, is now officially bedding down with Warner Bros. Guess some people just can’t endure our single, hipster lifestyle. “The acquisition of Snowblind is an important milestone for our games business, allowing us to expand our development capabilities even […]

  • Death Tank revealed for XBLA - video

    There’s a video of an XBLA version of Snowblind Studios’ Death Tank on GamerBytes, and it’s looking pretty swish. No date, but we’re promised four-way local and eight-player Live action. Go look.

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