Leona and Chang Koehan enter the ring in this The King of Fighters 14 teaser

Here’s a quick look at The King of Fighters 14 which was announced during TGS 2015 in September.

SNK headlines

  • PS4 Metal Slug 3 will be "highest-level quality Neo Geo emulation seen on PSN"

    Sony and SNK Playmore are bringing 2D runner and gunner Metal Slug 3 to Vita, PS3 and PS4.

  • The Rhythm of Fighters trademarked by SNK

    King of Fighters company SNK has trademarked something called The Rhythm of Fighters, which the internet has taken to mean that here’s a music-based version of the popular beat-em-up series on the way. The jury’s out however.

  • SNK demands 'termination' of Neo Geo X production

    SNK Playmore has terminated its license with Tommo Inc, distributor and manufacturer of the ill fated handheld NeoGeo X. Effective October 2, SNK’s demands demands include the immediate sales cessation of the NeoGeo X Gold, all six game packs and the SNK branded arcade stick Tommo produced.

  • Ex-King of Fighters team take 2D brawler Yatagarasu to IndieGoGo

    Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm is the first project from three former King of Fighters developers at SNK. They’ve been working on it for six years, and are now looking for a final crowd-funding push on IndiegGoGo to bring the game to PC.

  • Neo Geo X will cost £175 upon UK launch

    We’ve already told all about the Neo Geo X portable that comes at the heart of the upcoming Neo Geo Gold console bundle, but today European developer Blaze has revealed the official European price point for when the whole package launches.

  • NeoGeo X price confirmed at £500

    Yesterday we reported that the NeoGeo X was due out later this year.  What we could not confirm was the price.

  • Oops: Modern Warfare 2 glitch grants free access to XBLA games

    In Infinity Ward’s defense, we don’t imagine “unlocks a full copy of The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match” is a common bug to check for.

  • Metal Slug 7 coming to XBLA

    Microsoft just announced that Metal Slug 7 will be running and gunning onto XBLA. The game will be loaded with “new missions, new weapons, colossal new bosses, new game modes, and new Slugs to pilot.” No release date, though. More as it comes. By Nathan Grayson

  • King of Fighters XII is completely hand drawn

    So says this. That really does mean everything. “The game is 100 percent hand drawn,” said producer Masaaki Kukino. “There is zero cell shading in The King of Fighters XII.” He added: “We knew it was going to be hard going in. But we wanted to make the ultimate 2D fighting game.” The title was […]

  • First King of Fighters XII trailer

    As predicted, KoF XII has been shown for the first time at the Japanese AOU show. We still don’t know what we’re talking about with this, but it looks very cool nonetheless. It’s shown in demo from running on Taito’s TypeX2 arcade board. The game’s going to be making a console appearance in 2009. Check […]

  • King of Fighters XII for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009

    Says so here. “King of Fighters XII will first be displayed on Taito’s Type X² [arcade board – Ed] and later ported to Sony’s PS3 in 2009, with a possible release on the Xbox 360 in the same year,” said the report. King of Fighters is something we know very little about but are afraid […]