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Doodle Jump Adventures jumps to Nintendo handhelds today

Doodle Jump, the simple mobile classic that has claimed more hours of our time than we’d like to admit, has leapt over to Nintendo’s family of handheld devices.

6 years ago

Smoking Gun Interactive headlines

  • Doodle Jump Adventures for 3DS and Doodle Jump Journey for DS releasing later this year

    Doodle Jump, Lima Sky’s best-selling mobile game, is heading to 3DS and DS courtesy of GameMill Publishing. Developed for the handhelds by Smoking Gun Interactive, two versions will be out later this year: Doodle Jump Adventures hitting on 3DS and Doodle Jump Journey DS. Doodle Jump Adventures introduce a brand new Adventure mode, featuring 48 […]

    6 years ago
  • Freefall Racers coming to Kinect in September

    Deep Silver has announced a new racer from Doodle Jump Kinect developer Smoking Gun Interactive, coming to Xbox 360 in September. Freefall Racers is a Kinect game starring flying squirrels, which has characters falling towards the ground, and has been in the works for about 18 months. It supports two-player local competitive and co-op play. […]

    6 years ago
  • Doodle Jump Kinect now available through XBL Arcade

    Doodle Jump from Lima Sky in conjunction with Smoking Gun Interactive and D3Publisher has been released for Kinect. Crafted specifically the motion controller, the game adds additional features such as three original worlds to scale, “robust power-ups, and challenging boss battles and achievements”. Doodle Jump for Kinect is available on Xbox Live as an arcade […]

    6 years ago
  • Doodle Jump for Kinect releasing on XBLA at the end of June

    An Australian ratings classification listing has Doodle Jump for Kinect heading to XBLA next month. It lists Smoking Gun Interactive as the developer of Lima Sky’s Kinect version of the mobile hit. The game was announced for the service back in 2011, and it was listed as coming within the next few months back in […]

    7 years ago
  • Smoking Gun working with author Douglas Rushkoff on new title

    The ex-Relic devs who formed Smoking Gun Interactive announced today that it is collaborating with author Douglas Rushkoff on a new gaming title. “Our vision at Smoking Gun Interactive has always been to deliver interactive entertainment content in new and exciting ways that push the medium forwards”, said CEO John Johnson. “We are delighted to […]

    11 years ago