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  • Molyneux isn't convinced by SmartGlass

    Peter Molyneux may have just launched Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? on smartphone and tablets this week, but he’s not convinced by the way tablet devices are being used by Wii U and via Xbox SmartGlass. He reckons it’s a case of tech guys running wild with ideas without thinking of the logistics.

  • Xbox SmartGlass now available on iDevice

    Microsoft has release the iOS version of Xbox SmartGlass, an app for controlling your console via mobile devices. The free app is universal; grab it on iTunes. SmartGlass went live for PC alongside Windows 8 last week and is also available on Android and Windows Phone devices. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • FIFA 13 Wii U features could work on Xbox SmartGlass, team discussing options

    FIFA 13 on Wii U will come with a host of GamePad features that could just as easily transfer over to Xbox SmartGlass, and as it happens, EA is currently having a chat over the matter.

  • Halo 4 will "work with" Microsoft's Surface

    According to VentureBeat, Xbox executive Don Mattrick mentioned during a GamesBeat panel that Halo 4 “will work with” Microsoft’s recently-revealed tablet, Surface. No details were given but the platform holder has said that all first-party games will include SmartGlass functionality so you can probably expect something of that ilk. Halo 4 is due exclusively on […]

  • SmartGlass SDK released to developers

    Microsoft has released the SDK for Xbox SmartGlass which includes the application’s studio as well as a sample code and a JavaScript library. The firm said during E3 that going forward, all first-party titles will contain SmartGlass support, and the feature will be released this fall. Thanks, Gamasutra.

  • EA executives keen on Xbox SmartGlass

    Mega-publisher EA is pretty excited about the “very important” Xbox SmartGlass, a “killer initiative.

  • Watch Dogs tablet control depicted

    The image through the break was provided by VG247 forum member, Moonwalker1982, and appears to show new Ubisoft IP Watch Dogs being interacted with via a tablet computer. The image shows a map on the tablet screen while Watch Dogs features on a standard TV screen and could perhaps offer a glimpse of the kind […]

  • Rumor - Xbox 720 documents show next-gen plans

    A two-year old set of documents claiming to list what Microsoft has in store for Xbox 720 – yes, that is what it’s called in the graphs – has been plastered all over the internet.

  • Microsoft to include SmartGlass support in all future first-party games

    Phil Spencer, corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, has said SmartGlass support will be included in all the firm’s first-party titles once the new app is released in the fall.

  • Ubisoft contemplates releasing ZombiU on other platforms post-launch

    One of the most exciting third-party WiiU titles announced at E3 this week, ZombiU, may go multi-platform following its WiiU-exclusive debut according to Ubisoft.

  • Microsoft announces IE for Xbox, Smart Glass app

    Marc Whitten, the head of Xbox Live, took to the stange to announce Xbox Smart Glass which connects your tablets, phones, and console together. It was rumored earlier this week. A demo showing how you can send a movie from your tablet to your Xbox and pick up where you left off on your 360 […]

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