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Slim PS3 firm goes cease-desist mental over leaked shots

A Chinese firm is sending out cease and desist letters to sites in an effort to get “slim PS3” shots removed from the intertubes. Kotaku, Engadget and Spong all got them. The firm’s looking for removal of “some confidential document and photos, which were highly possibly illegally released and posted”. Good luck with that, Chinese […]

11 years ago

Slim Ps3 headlines

  • Rumour - Slim PS3 revealed through Chinese factory shots [Update]

    Update – The original images have been pulled. Some images of what looks remarkably like a slim PS3 have appeared on a Chinese message board, apparently taken from a factory. Pay attention. The elbows in the ribs are strong on this one. E3 or bust. Via 1UP.

    11 years ago
  • PS3 SKU rumours gets out of hand: 160Gb, slim machine for autumn?

    It’ll make the tea as well. According to this, a “particularly well-informed insider” reckons Sony’s planning a slimline PS3 for launch this autumn, which could be the home of the now much-rumoured 160Gb hard drive SKU. The report uses the logic that both PS2 and PSP were slimmed down to support itself. This new rumour […]

    12 years ago