Skyward Collapse

Skyward Collapse Nihon no Mura expansion hits beta

Skyward Collapse gains a third faction in its upcoming Nohin no Mura expansion, which is now in beta for those who pre-order.

7 years ago

Skyward Collapse headlines

  • Skyward Collapse: a brain-bending battle against yourself

    The destiny of humanity is in your hands – except some fool gave them free will and the little bastards won’t stop slaughtering each other. This is Skyward Collapse, the hardest game of chess you’ve ever played against yourself.

    7 years ago
  • Skyward Collapse now available for Mac and PC

    Skyward Collapse, the turn-based 4X god-sim from Arcen Games, is out today on Mac and PC, and the developer sent over some screenshots and a new trailer for it. The game can be picked up through the official website, Steam, and other distributors. Brenna has been playing the preview build, and as soon as she […]

    7 years ago
  • Skyward Collapse to release next week

    Skyward Collapse, in which you play a hassled deity trying to keep your people from fighting to the death over petty religious squabbles, arrives next week.

    7 years ago
  • Skyward Collapse is a turn-based 4X god-sim in the works at Arcen Games

    Arcen Games have announced its new turn-based 4X god sim called Skyward Collapse is n development.

    7 years ago