Skyrim Update 1.4

Bethesda releases second beta patch for Skyrim on Steam

Bethesda has posted a quick note informing Skyrim players testing out the patch on Steam that an update is available.

8 years ago

Skyrim Update 1.4 headlines

  • Bethesda releases preliminary patch notes for Skyrim Update 1.4

    Bethesda has release preliminary patch notes for Skyrim Update 1.4, and said the patch is current undergoing testing on all three platforms.   The patch notes are listed below, and because of this, we must warn you that certain entries may contain *spoliers*. You have been warned.

    8 years ago
  • Bethesda reconfirms PS3 issues in Skyrim will be addressed with Update 1.4

    Bethesda has taken to Twitter to assure PS3 users experiencing stuttering and lag in Skyrim that the issues will be addressed with the release of Update 1.4. The issues occur with the PS3 version as save files age. Users were hoping framerate issues would be fixed with Update 1.3 in December, but Bethesda said at […]

    8 years ago