Skate 3 servers come back from the dead – hearts stop at the thought of a Skate 4 announcement

Online servers for Skate 3 have been turned back on. This is not a drill. We repeat: this is not a drill.

Skate headlines

  • Skate 3 quietly joins EA Access on Xbox One

    If you have an active EA Access subscription, you may have noticed that an extra, and very special game, has been added to the vault.

  • Skate 4 isn't happening, burn Twitter to the ground

    Skate 4 is not real. Try not to trip over your lower lip.

  • Is Skate 3 finally coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility today? [UPDATE]

    Are we getting Skate 3 on Xbox One soon? Yes, as a matter of fact. Today.

  • BigPark acquired by Microsoft for game studios division

    Microsoft has announced its to acquire BigPark Inc, a company comprised of industry vets Wil Mozell, Erik Kiss, Hanno Lemke and Don Mattrick who created or had large roles in both Distinctive Software and EA Canada. BigPark’s founding team has over 80 years of collective experience in the game industry, having produced or overseen titles […]

  • EA to close Black Box

    After earlier reports outlining EA’s plans to fire 400 and close nine studios, it seems the first outfit to be axed is Need for Speed developer Black Box. According to IGN, many of the studio’s staff are being relocated to EA’s Burnaby facility in British Columbia. Apparently the closure will not be immediate, meaning SKATE […]

  • IGN pulls second EA story this week

    According to Joystiq, IGN’s pulled its second EA-related story this week, this time a piece saying Skate was on its way to Wii and DS. The US site also removed a story on Wednesday related to the Pandemic Batman game no one’s supposed to know about. You can’t beat the internet, EA. Not even sure […]

  • Activision financials: Hawk for revamp in this FY

    In last night’s investor conference call, which followed the announcement of record financials for Activision’s third quarter, company execs confirmed that a new Tony Hawk game would release in this financial year and would be revamped over the now tried and tested forumula beaten to death in its nine-game history. The game, obviously, is likely […]

  • EA financials: SKATE outsells Hawk 2:1

    EA CEO Jon Riccitiello claimed that SKATE outsold Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground since release, giving a clear indication that the end may finally be in site for Bony Tony’s game-related career. That said, SKATE did release on three extra platforms to Proving Ground (Wii, DS and PS2), so maybe there’s life in the old […]