Agent website goes live

Rockstar’s put the official Agent site live.There’s nothing on it apart from the logo, a “coming soon” note and all the PlayStation insignia.Still. There it is.

12 years ago

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  • Official MAG site opens, has map

    Sony’s launched MAG’s official site. Unfortunately it includes nothing but a map and some kind of radio interference over western Russia and a few other regions.Beggars can’t be choosers, however. At least you know it’s 99 percent certain the 256-player shooter will make it out this year.Look for yourself, PS3 owners.

    12 years ago
  • WipEout HD site launched

    Here. Please be good. Everything’s now pointing to a May/June release for the PS3 future-racer. Please be good. There’s rucks of stuff to keep you happy while you wait, including wallpapers, 1080p movies, in-game logo meanings and loads more. Please be good.

    13 years ago

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