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PSN horror sale begins: Dead Rising, Doom, Limbo and more discounted, full list inside

Sony has published details of its new horror sale over on PSN Europe. Dead Rising, Doom, Limbo and the Siren: Blood Curse are all on offer, among others. Get the full savings list here.

Siren Blood Curse headlines

  • Sony asks for feedback on delivery of future Siren games

    According to this PS3F story, Sony has sent out a survey requesting opinion on how future Siren games should be delivered. From the piece: The survey asks questions about Siren Blood Curse and asks people to rate various aspects out of 10. It also asks you whether you’d be willing to buy more games in […]

  • How to win at Siren: Blood Curse, by Sony

    Sony chap Kumi Yuasa’s posted a heap of handy play hints of Siren: Blood Curse on the US PS Blog, which will no doubt come in handy if you’re one of the many that found the game excruciatingly difficult. Lots of good stuff there about taking out boss zombies and how to effectively use the […]

  • “I hate being scared,” says Siren designer

    Speaking to MTV, Siren: Blood Curse Designer Keiichiro Toyama has admitted he’s a massive chicken. Working on horror products was clearly the best option then, you Japanese mentalist. “I hate being scared,” he said. “I also wonder why humans like to be scared, however, [I] haven’t reached [a] clear answer yet. “Some say it’s closely […]

  • No plans for Siren Blu-ray release in the US

    Speaking to MTV, SCEA’s said it has no plans to released Siren: Blood Curse on Blu-ray in the US, despite the fact the SCEJ horror has now been confirmed for discs in Europe. “At this time, there is not Blu-ray Disc version planned for the North American market,” said a rep. “Please note, however, that […]

  • Siren confirmed for autumn Blu-ray release in Europe

    SCEE just confirmed that SCEJ horror Siren: Blood Curse will release on Blu-ray in Europe this autumn, despite previously stonewalling the subject. The firm’s released no other information aside from the fact you’ll be able to buy the recently released PSN game on disc towards the end of the year. See yourself in the press […]

  • Siren: Blood Curse released in Europe at higher price than previously announced

    Update: Eurogamer’s given it 8/10. SCEE’s released DLC horror Siren: Blood Curse in Europe. It’s on the PSN now in 12 episodes. Each pack of three episodes costs £6.99, not £4.99 as we were originally told. Thanks Hero of Canton.

  • Siren gets 116 screens

    Sony horror Siren: Blood Curse is out next week, and to celebrate the firm’s released not one, not two, but 116 screenshots of preppy “kids” fighting the undead. Got to be worth a go, this. On CVG.

  • EU PlayStation Store updated

    The European PlayStation Store has updated for the second time this week, revealing a game, a demo and a couple of trailers. Games Elefunk (full game) – £4.99 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (demo) – Free E3 trailers Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booth – Free Siren Blood Curse – Free Thanks, Boomtown.

  • Awesome new Siren story trailer released

    On Do want. Looks like proper horror, from where we’re standing. Game’s out at the end of the month in both the US and Europe. Go see.

  • Siren: Blood Curse gets date and price

    According to Softpedia, Sony has announced a release date and a price for the US version of Japanese PS3 survival horror, Siren: Blood Curse. The game, as you know, will be released in four parts through the PlayStation Store, and will cost $9.99 an episode, or $39.99 for the full package. The first chapter will […]

  • New Siren shots bring the grim

    Famitsu’s posted up some new Siren screens, and it’s all looking reasonably disgusting. There appears to be a person there with egg pods on her face. Another has wings on his head. What warped Japanese madness is this? The episodic horror’s out at the end of July in both Europe and Japan.

  • Siren: Blood Curse dated and priced

    Sony Europe’s confirmed to Eurogamer that Siren” Blood Curse will be released on the July 24. The horror will be broken up into four downloadable chapters, with three episodes in each. Each chapter will cost £4.99, and the full shebang will be available for £19.99. The game itself is looking pretty fine. You should be […]

  • Siren episodes are 600Mb each

    According to this ThreeSpeech preview of Siren: Blood Curse, the episodic horror will cost you 600Mb of hard drive per chunk. The game’s being split into 12 episodes. Before you start squealing, though, you’re able to delete any episode and re-download it whenever you like. Alternatively you could just buy the English language version on […]

  • Siren: Blood Curse Blu Ray to support English language

    In a rather bizarre move, Sony has included English language support in the Asian release of Siren: Blood Curse, leaving the game open to import to Europe and the US. The seems rather at odds with the firm’s decision to only release the game on Blu Ray in the Far East. Sony recently scotched rumours […]

  • Siren gameplay video released

    CVG has got hold of the first three chapters of Siren: Blood Curse, and has kindly uploaded some exclusive gameplay footage. Looks spooky. Check it out through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • SCEE stonewalls Siren Euro Blu-ray release talk

    SCEE’s blanked a rumour from the latest issue of Edge that says Sony Japan horror Siren: Blood Curse will be released on Blu-ray in Europe. The mag mooted plans to released the game on a disc halfway through a planned 12-part PSN release. “We haven’t announced any plans to release Siren on Blu-ray in Europe,” […]

  • New Siren: Blood Curse shots released

    On PS3F. We’re going to get a proper hands-on with the Sony Japan horror very soon, apparently, so we’re looking forward to that. Siren releases episodically on PSN this “summer”.

  • Siren devs talk Sight Jacking and "nightmarish world"

    Nice Siren Q&A up on the US PlayStation Blog with lead dev Keiichiro Toyama, in which the creator gives plenty of detail on the upcoming Sony Japan horror. Sounds as though action’s not the way forward for the game, a notion that will no doubt delight some of you. “A lot of survival horror titles […]

  • New Siren shots show female character

    These new Siren screens on Gamefront show a female character in the game given to following you around and assisting you as needed. Awesome. The Sony Japan horror’s looking fantastic if these are anything to go by. We’re going to be getting proper time with this soon, so watch for impressions. Siren: Blood Curse is […]

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