Singstar Trophies

SingStar Trophies delayed into next week

SingStar Trophies will not arrive today as planned, but are being delayed into next week. It was announced yesterday that 30 Trophies were to be included in the game’s 3.01 update, which was originally scheduled for April 22. Looks like it’s back to that date again, we reckon. Hit the link for hope-bashing proof.

11 years ago

Singstar Trophies headlines

  • Rumor: Trophy support coming to SingStar via patch

    Sony has dismissed reports of an imminent Trophy-adding Singstar patch as rumor, according to CVG. Supposedly, some of the 35 new Trophies included in the patch would also provide Home rewards. Which would be neat. More on this soon, hopefully.

    11 years ago