Singstar Ps3

Singstar PS3 to play PS2 tracks

Lost in the midst of a server meltdown, Sony announced that a future firmware update will allow you to play PS2 Singstar tracks on your new, Singstar PS3. No news as to when we’ll see the update and how it all will work but all will be revealed in due course. By Mike Bowden

Singstar Ps3 headlines

  • European SingStore expands again

    Full list of new songs after the break. You can’t beat a bit of Judas Priest.

  • European SingStore updated - get O Mundo A Meus Pés right now

    The European SingStore’s getting an update today, according to ThreeSpeech. It’s a stunner. We’ve never heard of any of the European stuff so we have no idea if it’s any good or not, but the English stuff looks OK. Assuming you have to sing to music instead of just, like, listening to it. Weirdos. List […]

  • SCEE PlayStation Day: Last sets of screens from the asset disc

    Just to add to this lot of screens and movies, here are the last shots we missed from the asset disc handed out at the SCEE PlayStation Day yesterday. MotorStorm Pacific Rift shots Siren: Blood Curse shots SingStar Vol. 2 shots SingStar PS3 shots PlayTV shots Elefunk shots PixelJunk Eden shots

  • US SingStar launch detailed, changes made to SingStore

    SCEA has detailed the launch of SingStar PS3 in the US, confirming that the game will cost $59.99 with and $39.99 without two microphones. Also, the SingStore in the US is going to be different from that in Europe. From PS3F: The American SingStore will feature over 200 songs for the US launch. However, it […]

  • SingStar hits 12 million sales in PAL territories

    According to a SCEE press release, SingStar has now sold more than 12 million units in PAL regions. Launched in 2004 for PS2, the franchise has moved more than 5 million copies alone in fiscal 2007. SCEE’s also confirmed that over 1 million tracks have been downloaded from the SingStore to date. “SingStar’s success is […]

  • Singstar in US on May 20

    SCEA’s announced a May 20 release date for SingStar PS3, according to Kotaku. You’ll have to forgive our ignorance: we had no idea it wasn’t out over there. More through the link.

  • Big SingStore track update for Friday

    SCEE’s announced a sizeable addition list to the European SingStore for this Friday. We’re not sure how we got this far without being able to sing along to Morgen Wordt Het Beter by De Kast, but we’re thankful we did. Full list after the link.

  • Big Easter SingStore update tomorrow

    Not sure about you, but we can think of nothing better than singing along to Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince on Good Friday, and we are therefore in all kinds of luck. SingStar’s SingStore will be updated with the following tomorrow. SCEE really does have a hard-on for A-ha, doesn’t it? Duran Duran: Union […]

  • Singstar PS3 set for May launch in US

    According to this, SCEA’s now fixed a May launch for the American edition of Singstar PS3, meaning that soon, US readers, you too will be able to bury your head in the sand, pretend you can sing, and do things you’ll probably regret for the rest of your life. “We’re happy to announce that SingStar […]