Simcity V

SimCity pegged for March release after February slip

SimCity will release in March, EA has announced. The game will be “always online” due to its multiplayer, and choices you make influence your city, the neighboring cities and the lives of the Sims in the region. Originally slated for a February release, the building simulation game being built with the GlassBox engine, will instead […]

7 years ago

Simcity V headlines

  • Rumor - SimCity Social is Maxis' new Facebook game

    Three domain registries filed by EA suggest the firm is in the process of bringing SimCity to Facebook. The domains, and were renewed back in September, and SimsVIP reports that the Playfish SimCity Social URL “” pops up in Google Cache if you stop the link from loading before being redirected to […]

    8 years ago
  • Rumor - Sim City 5 concept art surfaces, game hitting in 2013

    Some alleged concept art from Sim City 5 has popped up on All Games Beta. We say “alleged” because there’s no source to the shots, but it does look a bit “simy”.

    8 years ago