SimCity Update 2.0

SimCity to receive “additional fixes” post Update 2.0

Maxis is in the process of fixing issues stemming from SimCity update 2.0 which upon applying, causes some cities to experience overflowing sewers, and other hilarious – though rage inducing- bugs which weren’t there before. The developer has listed several items it intends to fix in the coming weeks, such as a reducing the “need […]

7 years ago

SimCity Update 2.0 headlines

  • SimCity users reporting overflowing sewers, and other bugs since 2.0 patch

    Maxis released SimCity update 2.0 yesterday, and various users are reporting bugs which run the gambit of: sewage overflow, trees honking like a car horn, hundreds of taxis flooding the streets, loading screen freezes and buildings which cannot have construction completed. The list of issues is rather large, and can be found the SimCity Subreddit […]

    7 years ago
  • SimCity Update 2.0 goes live on Monday

    An update for SimCity, which fixes a significant number of issues will be released on Monday. According to the extensive patch notes, new additions with the patch include a Mayors Mansion allowing mayors to “drive their fancy cars to work, or take their helicopter, limo, or sports car if the modules are present.” The HUD […]

    7 years ago