Silent Scope

Concept art for canned Silent Scope revamp surfaces

Concept art from the Silent Scope reboot Day 1 Studios was working on, before Konami backed out of the deal, has surfaced. The revamp of the franchise was to be the first in the series since 2002′s Silent Scope 3 for PS2, and was being designed as a stealth-based, third person shooter with machine guns. […]

8 years ago

Silent Scope headlines

  • Report - Day 1 lays-off 95% of Silent Scope team after Konami backs out

    Day 1 Studios has had to lay-off 95% if its staff working on the Silent Scope reboot after the game’s publisher, Konami backed out of the deal. According to a Gamespot report, the Chicago-based studio was working on a revamp of the franchise for Konami, and it was to be the first entry in the […]

    9 years ago
  • Watch iPhone Silent Scope being played

    There’s a video after the break of someone from IGN playing the iPhone version of Silent Scope.If you expected it to be any different from what it actually is, we’d say you were mentally deficient. But that’s just us.Take a look.

    11 years ago
  • Silent Scope iPhone gets "shot"

    Some screens after the break of the iPhone version of Silent Scope, announced yesterday.Unless memory’s failing, it looks exactly like the 1999 arcade game.We may buy an iPhone and sign up to a crippling contract just to play this on the odd occasion we leave the house.

    11 years ago
  • Silent Scope confirmed for iPhone

    Fucking hell. You can’t keep a really, really, really old shooting franchise down, apparently. Konami confirmed a version of Silent Scope for iPhone today, claiming the on-rails actioner will have “touch-screen capabilities, multiple gameplay modes and difficulty levels”.A bit like Metal Gear Solid Touch. The new game’s based on the 1999 arcade release.“With the release […]

    11 years ago