Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories looks nuts-good

Konami’s just upped a first proper video of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and it looks surprisingly awesome. Check it after the break. This was described to us yesterday as “Wii’s Alan Wake” by a very frothy journalist. We’ve certainly seen a lot worse. The game’s a “re-imagining” of the first Silent Hill. It’s launching in […]

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories headlines

  • Screens for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories focus on the women [Release Update]

    Update: Konami has issued a press release stating that the Wii version of the game will be released on December 8, with the PS2 and PSP versions “following shortly” Hopefully, that means February. Press release is through the break. Original: Konami has released some artwork and screens for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Shots for the […]

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories out February

    According to various reports, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will release in February. This is the Climax “re-imagining” of the original game for Wii, PSP and PS2. And there we are.

  • Screens for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are new

    Some new shots of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories popped up over on Nintendo Everything today. If you are a fan of the series, looking forward to the title, or just plain curious – you should go have a look. It’s out this winter.

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories to monitor player actions

    Some new screens are posted over on CVG for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Looks like Konami wanted to do things different this time around, the assets sure seem to reflect that. “From the very beginning, we planned to re-invent the horror-genre, getting deeper into the player’s minds and taking a new approach for videogames,” commented […]

  • Konami to show PES 2010, SHSM and DDR at Gamescom

    Konami’s announced its Gamescom line-up, well ahead of the event’s kick off on August 19. The publisher’s to show PES 2010, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and “new additions to its DanceDanceRevolution series”. The German show’s Konami offering will be located at hall 7.1, booth C30. There’s a press release after the break, should you need […]

  • Silent Hill franchise does not need to be platform specific, says producer

    Konami’s Tomm Hulett, producer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, says the series is an equal opportunity franchise that does not need to be platform exclusive, or have a “home”. “Silent Hill’s an important franchise to Konami, it’s our premier survival horror franchise, so I’m not sure it needs a “home”, he told Joystiq. “I think […]

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is about primal terror

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii is about primal terror, said Konami during its E3 event. It will focus on the feeling of “being alone and not knowing where you are” and will go back to the beginning of the series with Harry Mason looking for his daughter in the town of Silent Hill. There […]

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - first footage

    Climax’s Wii-imagining of the first Silent Hill was shown for the first time this morning in an official movie – after the break. Some screens here for you, too. It’s got snow and a woman. And a desperate man. It’s got it all. Later this year.

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - impressions, shots, Climax interview

    IGN’s posted up hands-off impressions, new shots and a Climax interview on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. The Wii “reimagining” of Konami’s classic horror was announced this week. That interview’s five pages long. Only you know if you want to read it. The game’s out this autumn.

  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories confirmed, dated, detailed

    Konami’s press released Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, confirming the game for Wii, PSP and PS2. It “reinvents” the first game in the horror series, following protagonist Harry Mason, as he attempts to find his missing daughter, Cheryl. Oodles of info after the link. It’s out this “autumn”.

  • Silent Hill Wii confirmed, is "re-imagining" of original game

    The latest edition of Nintendo Power has the first screens of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a Wii version of the original. Told you. “This is a re-imagining of the first Silent Hill,” said producer Tomm Hulett. “It’s not a remake or a port. That’s an important distinction. It really feels like a new game.” Glad […]