Final Fantasy XIII – watch summon gameplay montage

IGN has live a new gameplay video of Final Fantasy XIII showing the summons for Lightning and Snow, Odin and Shiva. It does look great, but it can’t beat the new trailer, innit. It’s after the jump for you to watch. It’s out December 17 in Japan. Spring 2010 in the EU and US.

10 years ago

Shiva headlines

  • Shiva's unlockable RE5 outfit leaves little to the imagination

    An unlockable outfit for Resident Evil 5’s Shiva has been shown off over at Kotaku. It’s a leopard bikini adorned with tribal symbols, a couple feathers and some animal bones. She’s wearing high-heels and body paint, just to round things off. The normal sort of thing you would see a woman wear to the beach, […]

    11 years ago