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MDK 2 HD available on Steam now

MDK 2 HD, an enhanced edition of the zany shooter from Dave Perry’s studio Shiny Entertainment has hit Steam today.

8 years ago

Shiny Entertainment headlines

  • Perry and ex-Shiny team keen on new Earthworm Jim

    Although he can’t put a timeframe on it, former Shiny boss Dave Perry has said he and the team will make a new Earthworm Jim game one day.

    8 years ago
  • Selling Shiny Entertainment to Atari was "the worst mistake I ever made," says Perry

    David Perry has said he regrets selling Shiny Entertainment to Atari in 2002.

    8 years ago
  • David Perry to receive Development Legend award

    Industry veteran David Perry will be handed the Development Legend award during the Develop Industry Excellence Awards on July 11. He is to receive the award for the contributions he’s made to the games industry over the last three decades. The Gaikai boss has helped create over 100 titles across 29 platforms, and formed Shiny […]

    8 years ago
  • Earthworm Jim HD video is worm-tastic

    Gameloft’s released a video of its remake of Earthworm Jim complete with new levels with jetpacks, graphics and four-player co-op. Get it below the break. Already released on mobile and DSiWare, the XBL release of Earthworm Jim HD hits June 9, with PSN getting it a month later after it is no longer exclusive to […]

    10 years ago
  • "Day of single-player games are numbered", says Dave Perry

    Acclaim boss Dave Perry said at DICE yesterday that single-player games will not be able to compete with online free-to-play games. The creator of Earthworm Jim told the crowd that “the days of single-player games are numbered,” and added that his company’s focus is “entirely on multiplayer.” More over on Gamasutra.

    11 years ago