Shawn Baxter

Capcom talks four-player co-op in Lost Planet 2

In the video posted after the break, Capcom Unity’s Shawn Baxter (Snow) talks about four-player co-op in Lost Planet 2. Apparently, anyone can be a medic, use support fire, buff team-members ‘weapons and health, etc. “Lost Planet 2 is a bigger, better version of Lost Planet, it’s not just a simple expansion,” Baxter told GameTrailers. […]

Shawn Baxter headlines

  • Play Bionic Commando multiplayer demo with Capcom

    Capcom’s Shawn Baxter has announced over on Capcom Unity that a community play session for the Bionic Commando multiplayer will go into full swing this evening. To play along with the guys from Capcom, log into Xbox Live by 6:00pm EST and send a friend request to gamertag Snow Infernus. Those added will be invited […]