Weekly MMO news round-up: Shadowbane gets a reprieve, AoC goes lvl 50, Twitter comes to PlayXpert

Welcome once again to your weekly MMO news round-up. Loads going as usual what with PlayXpert releasing a new Widget for online games, Conan players getting to go to level 50, and Shadowbane getting a small reprieve from the death ax. Wanna know the rest? Of course you do, and it’s all after the break.

11 years ago

Shadowbane headlines

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Second Life shows growth, Shadowbane to close, STO gets lored

    Loads of little goings on the land of MMOs last week, but as per usual, the biggest stuff hit our front page. WoW patch anyone? Get the rest after the link.

    11 years ago
  • Shadowbane to be "reset"

    We’re unsure as to how many people are actually playing this, but MMO Shadowbane’s about to be completely reset. From the game’s site: “The Shadowbane Team decided that it would be best for the longevity of the game to reset all server and character data and start from scratch. By doing so, the game benefits […]

    12 years ago