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  • Get some Wang this September with Shadow Warrior on PS4, Xbox One

    Don’t blame me for that cheeky headline. Okay, go ahead, but it was Namco’s idea to head the Shadow Warrior trailer with “You’ve Got Wang.”

  • Old Duke Nukem 3D & classic Shadow Warrior assets revealed by Interceptor CEO

    Interceptor Entertainment CEO Frederik Schreiber has, after his company bought over 3D Realms, started dropping old unused assets from Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior online. They give a neat little glimpse into the company’s past.

  • Onlive cuts the price of CloudLift, five Warner titles added to the service

    Onlive has cut the price of CloudLift, its gaming service which allows users to play PC games downloaded from any digital store across various devices. It will now only run you £5/$7 instead of $15/£9.99. The cloud service has also announced five Warner Bros. titles now playable through CloudLift: LEGO The Hobbit, Batman: Arkham Origins […]

  • Shadow Warrior demo available on Steam along with a 75% discount

    Shadow Warrior, Flying Wold Hog’s re-imagining of the 3D Realms’ shooter has a demo available on Steam. The game is also 75% off for the 27 hours as part of the digital service’s midweek sale. Hit it up through the link. Thanks, Blue.

  • Shadow Warrior gets survival mode, Rise of the Triad's Excalibat

    Shadow Warrior has received a Rise of the Triad crossover, on the same day Rise of the Triad got a Shadow Warrior crossover. Say hello to survival mode and the lethal Excalibat weapon

  • Rise of the Triad gets Shadow Warrior's Lo Wang, new maps, Excalibat

    Rise of the Triad has been updated with some pretty cool new content – five new maps chosen from the best community-authored efforts, and thanks to a collaboration with Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog, a new multiplayer character: Shadow Warrior’s protagonist Lo Wang. Wang brings with him the legendary Excalibat, too. Check out a […]

  • Shadow Warrior gets axe weapon from The Walking Dead in latest cross-promotion

    Flying Wild Hog and Telltale have partnered with Devolver Digital for to bring the axe from The Walking Dead to Shadow Warrior. Starting today, fans of Lo Wang can use the axe to murderer zombies of The Walking Dead instead.” The axe is just the latest in a line of cross-promotion weapons, as others included […]

  • Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior tasks you with cleaning up Lo Wang’s mess

    RuneStorm and Flying Wild Hog have announced a cross-over between the former’s Viscera Cleanup Detail and the latter’s Shadow Warrior.

  • Shadow Warrior's launch trailer has got the touch and the power

    Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior remake is out today on PC, and to prepare you for the crazy, the developer has released the launch trailer. It even has our titular hero singing along with Stan Bush’s “You’ve Got The Touch.” Insane. Don’t forget: if you own a copy of Saints Row 4 on Steam, you’ll […]

  • Shadow Warrior includes Saints Row Penetrator weapon

    If you own a copy of Saints Row 4 on Steam, you’ll find a bonus weapon in Shadow Warrior – the Penetrator, the Saints Row signature purple dildo bat. That seems to be all there is to say on this subject. Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior remake arrives on PC on September 26. Thanks, Shack […]

  • Shadow Warrior "Choose Your Weapon" trailer goes insane on the gunplay

    Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog has released a blood-soaked trailer for its upcoming FPS, showcasing many of the game’s insane weaponry and ranks of weird and wonderful enemies.

  • Shadow Warrior video shows off bloody katanas, gratuitous sex between rabbits

    Shadow Warrior has a new video available from Devolver Digital showing off some of the things you can do and see in the game. These things range from wiping blood off your katana, watching trees sway in the breeze, and witnessing gratuitous sex between rabbits. Watch below. Game’s out on September 26.

  • Shadow Warrior pre-orders offer original katana

    Both GOG and Steam have a pre-order bonus for Shadow Warrior, Flying Wild Hog’s reboot of the classic shooter property: the Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana. GOG will also throw in a free copy of Shadow Warrior Classic Complete, and Steam will hand over a 75% off coupon for Hard Reset or any Devolver Digital game. […]

  • Shadow Warrior due next month, new trailer full of decapitation

    Flying Wild Hog’s new take on Shadow Warrior drops on September 26, Devolver Digital announced today, while delivering a new trailer and screens to give you a feel for how the 1997 classic has survived the transition to modern hardware. It certainly seems to capture the feel of the original, but whether that’s a good […]

  • Shadow Warrior: new screens show guns, demons & katana slaughter

    Shadow Warrior reboot developer Flying Wild Hog – of Hard Reset fame – has released a batch of shiny new screens for its blood-filled blaster.

  • Shadow Warrior Classic free on Steam

    The latest free-to-play game to arrive on Steam isn’t the latest and greatst MMO but the 1997 shooter classic Shadow Warrior. Publisher Devolver Digital has made the game free for both Mac and PC, presumably to promote the recently-announced remake. The fondly-remembered Shadow Warrior was developed by 3D Realms and is a little unusual in […]

  • Shadow Warrior: next-gen screens and trailer surface

    Shadow Warrior has been given the trailer and screen treatment, courtesy of Hard Reset studio Flying Wild Hog. It’s a re-imagining 3D Realm’s original 1997 game, and it’s heading to next-gen formats and PC.

  • Shadow Warrior re-imaging in the works at Flying Wild Hog, Devolver Digital

    Flying Wild Hog has announced its working on a re-imaging of Shadow Warrior with Devolver Digital.

  • Shadow Warrior arrives on iOS this week

    Shadow Warrior, 3D Realms’ cult favourite 1997 shooter, will be available for your iDevice shortly.

  • 3D Realms titles added to has announced the addition of a number of 3D Realms classics. Shooters Terminal Velocity and Shadow Warrior, plus its expansion packs, are both available now for $6, and the digital distribution service promises more games from the 90’s favourite developer will be announced soon. 3D Realms, or Apogee Software, was also behind Duke Nukem, […]

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