Sesame Street TV

Sesame Street TV to be released in a “multitude of different ways,” says Microsoft

Microsoft’s Soho studio has said Sesame Street TV will be released in a “multitude of different ways,” when it launches in the fall. Speaking during develop, the game’s director of game design, Josh Atkins, said while he can’t say in detail how it is being released other than through Xbox 360, “any way that you […]

8 years ago

Sesame Street TV headlines

  • Sesame Street TV, Kinect Nat Geo TV coming to Xbox 360 this autumn

    Sesame Street TV will arrive on Xbox 360 this autumn, according to a tweet from Argonon CEO James Burstall. SSTV debuted as a two-way Kinect application at CES in January. Also confirmed at a BAFTA-based event this morning is that Relentless’s Kinect Nat Geo TV is due to launch the same day as Sesame Street.

    8 years ago