Sega Saturn

SEGA Pluto prototype shown off by former SEGA employee

A former SEGA employee has posted shots and information on something called SEGA Pluto, which was SEGA Saturn with internal Netlink. According to a forum poster on Assembler Games called Super Magnetic, Pluto was “the heaviest console,” he’d ever held and it featured: “two controller ports, and on top you have a flip-top drive bay, […]

7 years ago

Sega Saturn headlines

  • Fighting Vipers & Virtua Fighter 2 age-rated for XBLA

    Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighter 2 join Sonic the Fighters in Sega’s next run of Saturn titles heading to Xbox Live Arcade. We reported on Sonic the Fighters this morning, but the other two have appeared on an age-certification document.

    7 years ago
  • Guardian Heroes trailer gives an all-too-brief glimpse

    The heroes return this (northern) summer, with the remastered, rebooted re-release of Guardian Heroes. Right now, that feels like an awfully long way away, and the wait’s not been made any better by the release of this teeny tiny trailer.

    9 years ago
  • SEGA considering Saturn era releases on XBL and PSN

    SEGA’s Yosuke Okunari, producer of the Dreamcast and Master System re-releases, has said the firm’s considering releasing titles from SEGA Saturn digitally.

    10 years ago