Sega Dreamcast

Next week you can download Pier Solar HD on select platforms

Pier Solar HD will finally arrive on select platforms next week on September 30.

5 years ago

Sega Dreamcast headlines

  • The first Halo was originally rumored for Dreamcast

    Halo is thought of as the seminal game for Xbox. However, the game was originally rumored for the Dreamcast. A Reddit user posted the image below, bringing back fond memories of the Sega Dreamcast and print gaming magazines: Imagine a world where Halo was published for the Dreamcast instead of the Xbox. Microsoft might not […]

    6 years ago
  • SEGA wanted Dreamcast to be compatible with original Xbox

    Rumors abounding for years state that at one time, Microsoft planned to buy SEGA. Being gamers, most of you have heard this rumor. What you may not have heard, though, was that at one time, SEGA wanted its Dreamcast games to be compatible with the original Xbox.

    10 years ago