See The Future

Rumour – Fable II: GOTY edition spotted [Update]

According to Console Monster, and ShopTo are listing a Game of the Year version of Fable II, which features past DLC like Knothole Island and See the Future. Check out the listings from and ShopTo listings here and here respectively. Is this Lionhead’s big announcement for Cologne? Of course not, you’d be silly […]

See The Future headlines

  • Fable II DLC, See the Future, goes live

    Fable II DLC See the Future is now available for download. The content costs 560 MS Points and features many dogs. Get to it.

  • Fable II sees the future in new shots

    Want some screens of Fable II DLC See the Future? Go to Kotaku. When’s it out? Tomorrow. How much does it cost? 560 MS Points. And that’s that.

  • Lionhead dev diary gives a glimpse of See the Future

    Necromancers, crazy ghost hobs and the return of Theresa are just some of the things the developers chat about in the latest and last Fable 2 video diary from Lionhead. Just in case you want to remain slightly surprised with See the Future’s content, don’t watch after the break. But how can you not? It’s […]

  • Fable II DLC See the Future out on May 12

    See the Future, Fable II’s next piece of DLC, will be available for download on May 12, according to this piece. The content’s content is unknown at the moment, but it’s highly likely you’re going to get less than subtle hints about the general future of the series. It’ll cost 560 MS Points.

  • Fable 2 "See the Future" achievement list unveiled

    Lionhead has posted the achievements for its forthcoming DLC “See the Future” on its blog. There’s 250 more to get, taking the total tally to 1,350 Points. There be most likely spoilers through the link, so be warned. “See the Future” is out next month.

  • Fable 3: It would be "pretty poor" if See the Future didn't have "some connection," says Molyneux

    Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has told VG247 that it would be “pretty poor” if upcoming Fable II DLC See the Future didn’t relate to the next Fable game. “Well, while it’s not easy for me to absolutely confirm that, it would be pretty poor to say ‘See the Future’ if it didn’t have some connection, […]

  • Fable II DLC, See the Future, priced and detailed

    See the Future, the next batch of Fable II DLC, will cost 560 MS Points and will include the “Ghosts of the Snowglobe Quest,” the “Cursed Knight Quest,” new items and a bunch of other stuff. There’s a press release after the break. It’s out in May.