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  • Weekly MMO news round-up: Darkfall patched, update coming for Warhammer, Old Republic Screens

    Yes, we know this should have gone up yesterday. We were so busy with GDC last week that we almost forgot to do it, but how could we live with ourselves if you didn’t get your weekly MMO news update? We couldn’t. Loads going on with all of your favorites last week, so hit the […]

  • Weekly MMO news round-up: EQII Brewday, adult Second Life content, no MMO for Zork

    This week wasn’t too eventful in the way of MMO news, other than Warhammer consolidating server populations and luring gamers back with some goodies. But we already touched on that, it’s, like, old. Today, news reached us that Second Life is trying to deal with all of the adult content in the game, Zork is […]

  • Weekly MMO news round up: Patches, betasm and Mines of Moria preparing for Book 7

    It’s that time once again, kiddos. Here’s your weekly all-in-one spot for the goings-on in the world of MMOs that didn’t get its own post. ‘Fraid there’s nothing too earth shattering this week — but who knows: you may find the bits below interesting after all. Read on.

  • Verbinski signs on for Second Life movie

    According to this Variety report, Gore Verbinsky’s signed on to direct a movie based on the exploits of a Second Life player. The film is to be based on a Wall Street Journal article about the MMO and its detrimental impact on the real lives of players. The article by Alexandra Alter focuses on a […]

  • Second Life expands to 1.5 billion square metres

    Linden Lab has announced that Second Life has now passed the 1.5 billion square metre mark, having grown 44 percent in the second quarter of this year alone. Said the company, “Our growth was due to the popularity of our newly launched Openspace land product along with a change in pricing to make the purchase […]

  • Home boss "amazed" at Second Life's popularity

    Speaking here, PlayStation Home’s creative director, Ron Festejo, has been less than friendly to Linden Labs’ Second Life. “From my point of view, looking at Second Life – because it has been mentioned a lot in the same paragraph as Home, and people make that comparison – I’m amazed at how many people go on […]

  • GDC: Second Life headed to mobile

    Says so here. Beta trials are to begin in May. You can sign up here, should you feel the need. “For Linden Lab, this represents an intuitive way to extend the reach and accessibility of the Second Life Grid platform,” said Chris Mahoney, Business Deveopment Manager, Linden Lab. “This is a great way for Second […]

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