Epic Games opens new Seattle studio, will focus on engineering efforts for Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games has announced a new Seattle studio, which will initially focus on engineering efforts for Unreal Engine 4.

7 years ago

Seattle headlines

  • 2012 International Dota 2 Championships announced, shifts to Seattle

    Valve has announced The International Dota 2 Championships 2012, revealing that the world’s leading Dota 2 championship will take place at this year’s PAX Prime event to be held in Seattle.

    8 years ago
  • NCsoft UK dev positions moved to North America

    NCsoft says that dev positions in the UK are to be moved to North America, according to, following the axing of 55 employees from the firm’s Brighton office. The publisher’s confirmed that remaining team members will concentrate on European sales and marketing. “The European office is transitioning to have a stronger focus in marketing […]

    11 years ago
  • PAX attendance hits 58,500

    According to this BigDownload story, 58,500 people attended this year’s PAX, trouncing last year’s record of 37,000 attendees. More people means more problems, obviously. Like over-crowding. “Regarding the overcrowding, it was definitely a symptom of the popularity of the show, but not one that can’t be overcome,” said Penny Arcade biz guy Robert Khoo. “At […]

    11 years ago
  • Meet Major Nelson at PAX (Trixie's going to be there!)

    Trixie360’s hot. She sounds hot. She may not be hot. Go and find out! You can meet all the chaps from the Major Nelson podcast, including the man himself, e and Trixie at PAX if you’re in Seattle this weekend. Details from Nelson’s blog: Who: Me, e, litheon, Trixie360 some of the Gamerscore blog folks […]

    12 years ago
  • PAX registration now open

    You can sign up for PAX, the Seattle-based games expo from the owners of Penny Arcade, right here. The show’s reputation has grown massively in recent years, with the 2007 event attracting big name developers and more than 37,000 attendees, making it by far the largest show of its kind in the US. PAX 2008 […]

    12 years ago