Scott Steinberg

Parents: everything you know about video games is wrong

We know gaming can be a healthy pastime for children, but many parents see it as an unnecessary evil. Scott Steinberg, author of The Modern Parent’s Guide book series, hopes to redress the balance.

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  • Report - SCEA's Rob Dyer and Scott Steinberg exit the firm

    It looks as though Sony America has lost two of its key executives: VP of marketing Scott Steinberg, and SVP of publisher relations, Rob Dyer.

  • Kevin Butler returns to PlayStation in new ad campaign

    Did you think it was the end? This is Kevin Butler we’re talking about here.

  • Killzone 2 fastest moving title for Sony, has sold 500,000 units

    Killzone 2 has sold 500,000 units, making it the fastest selling first-party title for PS3. That’s a record according to SCEA’s VP of marketing, Scott Steinberg. Saying that Sony is “extremely happy with the results,” the exec revealed that Killzone 2 was the highest-selling SCEA PS3 title for the first 30 days out of launch. […]

  • Killzone 2 "Behind the Bullet" interactive ad to hit PSN today

    SCEA’s just announced that, as promised, an interactive version of the Killzone 2 “Behind the Bullet” TV ad will be released openly on PSN today. “This demo will provide an inside look at the making of the commercial, enabling you to take control and slow down the action, move the camera axis and pivot, hear […]

  • Steinberg - Sony's 2009 is "relentless and AAA quality"

    SCEA marketing chief Scott Steinberg’s claimed 2009 will deliver an unremitting bombardment of high quality product from Sony, and that Killzone 2 is the game that will trigger many to buy a PS3. “We’re shipping a great lineup and it’s relentless and AAA quality,” Steinberg told GameDaily. “Starting it with Killzone 2, we’re going to […]

  • SCEA to release "Killzone in 4D," a "playable version" of TV ad

    SCEA said today that it’s to release “Killzone in 4D,” a real-time version of a US Killzone 2 TV ad to “offer some insight” into the game’s technology. You can watch the ad in question after the break. “The Killzone 2 engine is phenomenally powerful,” said SCEA marketing boss Scott Steinberg, writing on the PS […]

  • Competing against PS3? Scott Steinberg's first-party army has "bad news for you"

    SCEA marketing boss Scott Steinberg reckons Sony’s first-party offering in the coming years is going to make competing against PS3 a tough business. “If you’re a competitor I’ve got bad news for you because we’ve got some absolute blockbusters that are in the works, some of them new IP, some of them existing IP, that […]

  • PS3's competitors look "quite dated," says Steinberg

    Speaking to GI, SCEA marketing boss Scott Steinberg has claimed that consoles opposing PS3 are starting to show their age. “I think that we’re seeing, graphically, PS3 games starting to create some distance and some of the other competitors are going to feel that they’re getting long in the tooth, looking quite dated, because they […]

  • SCEA: We underestimated 80Gb PS3 demand

    SCEA marketing boss Scott Steinberg has admitted that demand for the 80Gb PS3 SKU in America has taken SCEA by surprise, giving rise to a shortage of the machine. “Our strategy at the end of the year was to offer up a $399 40Gb, which we thought was the magic price for a Blu-ray machine, […]

  • SCEA belittles Xbox 360 GTA IV DLC

    Bitter? In no way. SCEA’s marketing boss, Scott Steinberg, reckons most people won’t be bothered with 360’s exclusive GTA IV downloadable content. Well, he would, wouldn’t he. “[Microsoft] spent the GNP of several small Latin American countries to get that [content], and if you’ve ever played San Andreas…there’s a lot of game to Grand Theft […]

  • SCEA: "Resistance 2 is about a 50Gb game"

    Big movie here of an interview with SCEA’s Scott Steinberg and Naughtey Dog’s Evan Wells. Firefox is doing its freakishly annoying, “I won’t play Flash movies” thing this morning, so we can’t watch it, but apparently Steinberg says Resistance 2 will fill a dual-layered Blu-ray disc at 50Gb. See after the link.

  • Sony US staff are "high-fiving in the office"

    Calm down. SCEA is so excited by the changing fortunes of PS3 that joy is spilling over into physical contact. “Without question there’s very much a sense of confidence and renewed enthusiasm,” said Scott Steinberg, VP of product marketing at SCEA. “It happened so fast we can’t help but do a little high-fiving in the […]

  • Sony sees easing of PS3 price pressure

    Scott Steinberg, vice president of product marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, has said that increased sales of PS3 have taken pressure off the firm to cut the price of the console. “We’re seeing that the hard-core gamer is not afraid to throw another $100 at the PlayStation 3 because the value proposition is so […]