Scivelation hitting 360 along with PC during Q3 2010

Topware Interactive has announced that it will be the US publisher for Scivelation, the upcoming Unreal Engine III-based third person shooter.Set for PC and Xbox 360 for Q3 2010, the game’s currently in development at Ukraine-based Black Wing Foundation, and is set in the future with an oppressive government known as the Regime in charge. […]

11 years ago

Scivelation headlines

  • Indie and other games of interest: Gray Matter, Great Battles, free stuff

    This week in indie and other games of interest, we have an update on Gray Matter, some free-to-play titles, and a couple demos for you to try out.Also of note: Iceberg Interactive’s announced the release of the bundle British Horror Pack consisting of Dark Fall: The Journal Classic Edition, Dark Fall: Lights Out The Director’s […]

    11 years ago