Hirai becomes SCEI chairman, House takes over as president

Sony’s just announced the appointment of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Andrew House as the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment International.

10 years ago

SCEI headlines

  • PlayStation 3 to launch in China as Sony opens local facilities

    Sony Computer Entertainment is reportedly expanding into China, opening facilities in the city of Guangzhou and tentatively planning a local launch of the PlayStation 3, previously unavailable to mainland Chinese residents except by import.

    10 years ago
  • Sony's GC Press Event: Watch the moment the PS3 Slim is revealed

    Pictures dont do this justice. After the jump is the moment SCEI president, Kaz Hirai, steps out on stage and introduces the PS3 Slim to the world, bringing to an end the worst kept secret in all of mankind. He also talks about the price cut as well.From GT.

    12 years ago