Savage Moon

Euro PSN update, May 7 – Savage Moon demo, LocoRoco, LBP

Content for the European PSN Store is a bit sparse this week. Sorry ’bout that. However, there should be something on the list to occupy you – a demo of Savage Moon, DLC for HAWX, LBP, Trivial Pursuit, Wheelman and LocoRoco for PSP. Full thing after the break.

11 years ago

Savage Moon headlines

  • Savage Moon is "tower defence" PSN game

    SCEA’s released first proper details and screens of Savage Moon, the PSN title shown for the first time at Games Convention last week. Apparently, “Savage Moon is a frantic, action-packed tower defense game in a gritty sci-fi setting. You are tasked with protecting mining facilities from ravenous space bugs using some truly fearsome weaponry. And […]

    12 years ago
  • Sony details upcoming PSN titles, including Savage Moon’s got details of all the PSN games on show at Games Convention, including confirmation of Savage Moon. Read it over there. We’ll keep typing.

    12 years ago
  • Sony-published Savage Moon pops up on USK

    Whoops. According to this USK listing, Sony’s publishing a military strategy game called Savage Moon. It’s a PS3 title, apparently, and the fact it’s been rated in Germany now means – using our super-sleuth skills – that a Leipzig showing next week is a tad likely. Just checking with Sony now. Thanks, Blerk.

    12 years ago