Sanitarium holding an 18-day “Hidden Gem” Extravaganza Sale is having an 18-day sale, where a lesser-known classic title from the site’s back-catalog will be on sale every day for 24 hours during the site’s “Summer Hidden Gems sale.” Along with this nice announcement comes word that the first 60 percent discount has been handed over to cult adventure game Sanitarium, which is […]

9 years ago

Sanitarium headlines

  • GoG adds Sanitarium to its list of cheap games

    Good Old Games has added Sanitarium to its library and for $9.99 you’ll also get the soundtrack. Considered a must for point-and-click adventure enthusiasts, Sanitarium puts players in the shoes of an asylum patient who survived a car crash and if suffering from amnesia. There’s loads of ancient gods, deformed children, and ghosts from your […]

    10 years ago