Humble Bundle Fall Sale updated to include Wolfenstein 2 deal and free Sanctum 2

The Humble Bundle Fall Sale has some new additions, and just in time for Black Friday.

3 years ago

Sanctum headlines

  • Humble Jumbo Bundle bonus games include Cities in Motion 2

    The current Humble Bundle, dubbed the Jumbo Bundle, has reached its midpoint, meaning it’s bonus game time. Today sees three additions to the beat-the-average part of it, and they are Cities in Motion 2, Orcs Must Die 1 GOTY and the Sanctum Collection. The average sits a bit over $4 right now.

    7 years ago
  • Sanctum 2 development underway, due next year

    Joystiq reports Coffee Stain Studios is already at work on Sanctum 2, a sequel to its successful indie combining shooter and tower defence mechanics. The follow-up is expected in 2013, on PC, the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, thanks to a publishing deal with Reverb. If you haven’t checked out the original Sanctum, which […]

    9 years ago
  • Steam unveils two great indie bundles: 5 games for the price of 1

    Looking for an indie game fix? Got a few bucks spare? Look no further that Steam, who is offering not one, but two awesome indie bundles for US$10 each. Which would you prefer? Indie 2D? Perhaps Indie Strategy’s more your thing? Either way, you’ll grab five great games for less than the price of one. […]

    9 years ago
  • Friday Shorts afternoon edition: Prototype 2, SWTOR, science, Rock Band, DiRT 3 shots

    The weekend is almost here – at least in the US. You UK folks are already drinking cider, and the like.  Instead of pouting and throwing ourselves to the floor in a bitter fit, we’ll be nice as post some small news bits.

    10 years ago
  • Make Something Unreal darlings sign commercial UE3 deal

    Swedish developer Coffee Stain, known for taking home a number of prizes in Epic and Intel’s Make Something Unreal competition, has scored a long term licensing deal for the Unreal Engine.

    10 years ago