Samba De Amigo

GameStation announces half-price Christmas deals

UK retailer GameStation has announced a slew of Christmas reductions, including Samba De Amigo for £17.49, Battlefield: Bad Company for £19.99 and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise for £17.49. That is literally cheap. Press release after the link.

Samba De Amigo headlines

  • Sega pulls Samba de Amigo chimp ads after PETA pipes up

    Sega’s decided to pull its chimp-infused Samba de Amigo ads and has apparently promised to never use the animals in its marketing again. The move comes after animal welfare group PETA pointed out to the publisher that chimpanzee “actors” perform thanks to training “such as electric shocks with shock collars and prods, isolation, beatings with […]

  • New Samba De Amigo trailer features crazy, maraca monkey

    Yes! We’re delighted. Sega has released has another Samba De Amigo Wii trailer, and yet again, there’s a real life chimpanzee sitting on the sofa shaking his maracas. Apart from that, there’s loads of colour, kids shaking Wii-motes, and-a crazy Mexicana music. Game’s out today in Europe. Goes Stateside on September 23. Watch below.

  • Samba de Amigo to be first retail Wii game with DLC

    Sega has announced that Gearbox’s Samba de Amigo will be the first retail Wii title to support downloadable content. The following new tracks will arrive when the game launches on September 23 and there’s more to come in the future: Mambo Mambo – Lou Bega I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow Are you Going […]

  • New Samba di Amigo trailer and screens released

    They’re from last week’s E3 and GamersHell has them. It all looks very “shaky shaky” to us, but any game that let’s you play as a grinning, sombrero-topped monkey gets a double thumbs up. Sega’s Sonic Team behind it too. All good. See for yourselves. By Mike Bowden

  • Sega announces E3 line-up

    Sega has announced its official E3 lineup. Loads of stuff here. See below. MadWorld (Wii – March 2009) Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (DS – Fall 2008) Sonic Unleashed (360, PS3, Wii, PS2 – Holiday 2008) Alpha Protocol (360, PS3, PC – February 2009) Samba De Amigo (Wii – September 2008) Bayonetta (360, PS3 – […]

  • Samba De Amigo Wii to use maraca shells

    We’re sure you’ll all be delighted to know that according to Wii.kombo Samba De Amigo Wii will support the maracas peripheral. We really don’t know what to add. More maraca madness through the link. By Mike Bowden

  • Samba gets September 19 Euro date

    According to this GoNintendo story, Samba de Amigo’s been dated as a September 19 release in Europe. The Wii version of Sega’s rhythm action classic was most recently seen in an advert containing an actual chimp with a pair of maracas, something we didn’t expect, if we’re being honest. Watch it again. It’s Thursday.

  • Samba de Amigo trailer features actual chimp

    Sega’s put out the first video of Samba de Amigo for Wii. It includes a real chimp with a pair of maracas. Just look. After the break.

  • Embargo passes for Nintendo Media Summit impressions

    1up’s gone live with a heap of impressions from last week’s Nintendo Media Summit in the US. They did it first, so they get the links. Look: LostWinds! FFCC: My Life as a King Guitar Hero: On Tour LostWinds Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Samba de Amigo Boom Blox Update: Here’s Eurogamer’s stuff. So that’s […]

  • First footage of Samba de Amigo on Wii released

    Here and below. It looks exactly the same as the Dreamcast version but in widescreen. This video is of sketchy quality but shows a slim, young woman in a stripey jumper jiggling her maracas. Pathetic? Yes. See for yourself. It’s down for spring 2008 release in Europe.

  • Easy to make monkey dance, says Samba man

    The director of the original Samba de Amigo, Shun Nakamura, has explained why the Dreamcast maraca game, now headed to Wii courtesy of Gearbox, ended up with a monkey as the main character. “It was easy to make him dance and show off in a fun-filled atmosphere,” he said, speaking here. “We tried numerous face […]